Delta/ Stand “Delta Coffee Station” at Web Summit’18

Project info

Delta Cafés is a Portuguese company with dedicated expertise in coffee production and sale. Leader in Portuguese market and a notorious coffee exporter.

The best technology conference on the planet has landed on Lisbon, and it’s here to stay. 70,000 attendees from over 160 countries brought together in 2018 edition of Web Summit. To respond to these whopping numbers, Delta Cafés deployed once again the 8 coffee stations, previously produced in the last edition.

At first sight, The intriguing silhouette of a hollow cube caught the eye, at a closer look, the white, clean extruded modules reveal all of the services capable to put together in such a small package. Every cube was equipped with 2 full vending machines and 4 espresso machines for a 360º service, embedded sewerage and electrical systems, a full-day service stacked storage, and last but not least, keeping the good looks.

Delta Cafés