Delta Q/ Store “Saldanha Flagship”

Project info

Delta Q is a Portuguese brand, one of the main branches of Delta Cafés. Perpetually reinventing itself, Delta Q focus on delivering the best coffee experience at home with the wide range of aromas and expresso machines.

Being the first coffee shop of the brand, Delta Q Saldanha Store prevails in one of the most busiest districts of Lisbon. Located in Atrium Saldanha Mall, takes the advantage of the ground floor to offer a considerable outdoor terrace.

One can delight a meal comfortably seated in the diner area, enjoy the finest latte prepared by the highly trained baristas, or just quick grab the weekly stock of Delta Q capsules to enjoy in the comfort of home. It's a multipurpose space, design to provide the best coffee experience and fulfill every need of Delta Q costumers.

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